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Un peu plus sur ce batiment secret sur la lune

Peter Caestecker, à propos du documentaire récemment passé sur la télévision espagnole :

"I know it sounds unbelievable, also the guy who made the documentary said that in his introduction. According to him he obtained the film of Armstrong and other classified info about discoveries on the moon from a source in the US military.

The story starts in the early 1950’s when the Americans, French, British and Russians spot -separately- a 10 km long cylinder that is circling around the earth. The cold war parties have a secret meeting on this issue and decide to investigate space more thoroughly in a joint effort. However after a while the Russians go their own way and leave the joint investigation.

Not only space is investigated, also loads of unmanned spacecrafts are launched to explore the moon. The US collects around 200.000 photos in those days of the moon of which 900 hundred are censored for the public. Those photos show short roads, walls and a field with three rows of nine obelisks each on the moon.

Even president Kennedy wasn't informed on these discoveries when he made his famous announcement that an American would set foot on the moon before the end of the sixties. Just like everybody else he thought it was all about beating the Russians in the race to the moon.

When Apollo 11 approached the moon Aldrin and Armstrong describe bright lights that fly in formation below them, as a kind of welcoming. Than they descend to the moon and the Eagle lands as foreseen in the Sea of Tranquility and at 60 m of a building NASA discovered in the earlier unmanned missions. As said the documentary shows a large part of 14 minutes film that Armstrong is walking around in that deserted building. The US military decided to hide all this info to avoid destabilization on earth.

I can tell you: the image material of the building next to the Eagle is really impressive and the makers of documentary told that Sunday’s programme was an absolute world premiere. I would like to believe the documentary but I miss confirmation. I have looked a bit on the Internet but I haven't found any thing related to it. Not even on the usual UFO and other X-files sites, though I think that is a rather good sign. Anyway, I hope you will see this Spanish documentary soon in your country too."
Mmmhh... pourquoi est ce qu'on n'en entend pas plus parler ? Le 1er avril, c'est la date française, c'est ça ?